“” Professional Fundraising Program alumni testimonials

Professional Fundraising Certificate Program

Student Testimonials

“I have learned a lot about fundraising in this class. For the small investment in this class, I will save my organization thousands by being a more intelligent, informed consumer of services.”

– Loreen Loonie, Summer 2023 Professional Fundraising Student

“My original goal for pursuing the BU program was to prepare for the CFRE exam.  Last week, after twenty years as a professional fundraiser and nine years of having my CFRE application sitting open and uncompleted–I took the exam and passed with flying colors.  A big thanks to [Jon] and [his] team [of instructors] for helping to make it happen.”

Tamara O’Neil, Vice President Institutional Advancement, Brookings

“I took this course because I have a passion for nonprofit leadership and have been exploring ways to feed that passion. I have a great job in the healthcare industry, which I enjoy very much, but much of my intrinsic satisfaction comes from the volunteer roles I have held on non-profit boards for the last 15 years or so. At some point, down the road several years, I may be interested in making a career change into a nonprofit leadership role. I took this class in part to improve my qualifications for such a role, but more importantly to ensure that I would enjoy such work. I feel that this course helped me to do both.”

– Summer 2019 Professional Fundraising Student

“Although I have done this line of work for 20 years, this course has allowed me to feel refreshed about fundraising and the careers we have. The idea of making such an impact through the dollars we raise for our organizations is something we need to be reminded of some times as long days happen, stressful situations occur, etc. This course did that.”

Aida Byrne, Summer 2019 Class

“I had a plan when I enrolled for this course and it was to gain insight and street cred enabling me to pursue a path into a more meaningful career. And if anything, this program has convinced me that not only can I do it but working in the nonprofit world is what I must do!”

Wayne Jung, Summer 2019 Class

“I can’t say again how much I enjoyed this program! The instructors were great and timely with any questions I had. My fellow students really made the program for me with their comments and advice. I was challenged and engaged and found it to be of great value.”

Christopher D., Morris-Jumel Mansion Museum, New York

“I appreciated the course very much and enjoyed the education. The teachers were responsive and the requirements were reasonable and practical. I looked at a few other programs during a www search, but BU was the one that best fit my needs in terms of time, format and finances.”

Pete S., United States Army

“I like how the course was structured. It was very informative and easy to plug into. I liked that there were a mix of student backgrounds, some in the field, others not. The Discussion Board was great as well. A nice mix of interaction, assigned work and sharing. “

Pixie L.